Welcome to my website. Here is the place where all my art will live for your viewing pleasure. My name is Victoria Septien but please call me Tori. I am a Montclair State University alumni with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation and Illustration with a focus in Illustration. I am very inspired by Greek Mythology and a lot of the illustrations that I produce are greatly inspired by music. I was in choir for all four years of high school so music has always been a big inspiration for me. I listen primarily to indie rock, metal,  hair metal, and EDM. Another thing I am greatly inspired by are 2D animated shows such as Samurai Jack, Teen Titans, and so many others. I am a huge fan of comic books   

and of the work that the artist Cliff Chiang did in the new 52 Wonder Woman comics and his independent graphic novel called Paper Girls. Another things that inspires me are fiction books and literature in general. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman and I have always loved reading Shakespeare. I used to be very involved in the performing arts and in my senior year of high school I was the lead in the school's fall production of As You Like It, by none other than William Shakespeare. I later learned that the character that I played in that production, Rosalind, was actually the lead female character to have the most lines in any Shakespearean play so I was proud of myself that I was able to memorize and perform everything to the best of my ability. I also enjoy knitting a lot. I know how to make hats and scarves and I have an Etsy where I sell the things that I make. 

As you can see, a lot of things inspire and motivate me to create the art that I do. My dream is to become a character designer for video game companies or 2D animation studios. I would even love to be part of the creative process that goes behind making comic books. I hope to even create my own graphic novel, video game, or 2D animation someday. I hope you enjoy the art that you see here and that maybe something I made will inspire you too.